About the blog and contributors

About the blog:

The Socratic Trailhead is a philosophical blog and podcast about the environment.   The title is a reference to the socratic method.

About the contributors:


Zach started the Socratic Trailhead in 2014.  He’s the “I” in the blog posts.  He lives in the Bay Area where he organizes community-based ecological restorations for a local non-profit.  He has previously worked as a policy researcher and lawyer and would like to direct his unique combination of skills and experiences toward environmental advocacy.

If he cuts you off mid-sentence to ask a question, it’s only because he’s really that interested in what you do.


Claire is a law student (PCC paralegal program) and poet in Portland, Oregon. She is fascinated by water rights and watershed management, and seeks to pursue a career in public interest environmental law. To learn more visit clairevalentinefossum.com


An eternal student of ecology, Matt combines his green education, experience in alternative lifestyles, and unconventional thinking for a fresh perspective on environmental issues.   Despite his experience with communes and his history with environmental work he is not a conventional environmentalist.  Nor is he a neo-environmentalist.  If he ever decides on a name for his beliefs we’ll let you know.

He currently resides in the South San Francisco Bay and works for an geotechnical/environmental consulting firm (Engeo).   When he has free time he enjoys philanthropy, hand-tool woodworking/crafting, table-tennis, traditional bow-hunting, and general outdoor excursions.


Jonathan lives in the Bay Area and is studying anthropology.


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