Audio Interview: Katie McShane

Matt Luedtke and I talked to professor Katie McShane on nature’s intrinsic value and how that abstract philosophical discussion might impact our love for nature. We also discussed whether ecosystems can be healthy or sick literally, or if that’s only a metaphor like the health of the economy.

Background music from composer Chris Zabriskie.

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Audio interview: Steven Vogel

Following up on an earlier post, Matt Leudtke and I interviewed Professor Steven Vogel about his article “The Nature of Artifacts.”

Professor Vogel says, “nature, shmature,” Matt compares Vogel to an old man telling riddles, and Zach’s mind is blown – live, on radio – by a comparison between wilderness and the free market.  Oh, and Matt’s dog makes an appearance as a natural object/artifact/you decide.

Enjoy the ideas, and please comment below.  Background music from composer Chris Zabriskie.